The Accidental Butcher is a unique beast; he’s a genuine “one-of-a-kind.” That’s right, there’s no one else like The Accidental Butcher and if you had to sum him up in a single sentence you’d say it’s a place “where worlds collide.” It’s where old merges with new creating something, which is fresh and original, but most importantly, unique.


When it comes to quality he’s a perfectionist; he literally never, ever settles for second best when it comes to excellence. His name depends on it and he stakes his reputation on it day in and day out. This is why he does things the way they did it in the ‘olden days’.


That means sourcing only the very best cuts money can buy and then preparing them slowly and patiently. Meat for him is an emotional experience; it’s his life and you discover this well before you sink your teeth into one of his juicy steaks. The second you step foot in the door what people describe as “The Accidental Butcher Experience” begins. I know it seems over the top to describe a trip the butcher as an experience, but this is honestly what it is like – the fit-out, the décor, the service and advice come together with the best cuts in town to permanently leave a lasting impression in your mind.


When it comes to meat his old school philosophy has left him revered and recognised as being the best in the business. Surprisingly though, when it comes to innovation and ideas, he loves progress and he continually embraces change, especially if it adds to “The Accidental Butcher Experience.” He’s gone digital and he loves being social. Whether it’s sharing tips online with his fans on Facebook or holding cooking classes after hours in his magnificent store, The Accidental Butcher is an important and much loved member of the local community.

Having a cult-like following amongst those people who are ‘in the know’, The Accidental Butcher has an ‘edge’. He hates to admit it, but he’s willing to accept the way he has fused his old school philosophies and practices with contemporary know how, education and information has left him being a little bit of an icon.