Introducing ‘The Accidental Butcher’

Well, ‘The Accidental Butcher’ (TAB) started about 30 years ago and although this maybe the story of Steve the butcher, it also represents the many whom have not followed the original chosen path of their adolescent years.

From the aspiring architect to the well seasoned journeyman, we now find ourselves starting at day one, a dream fulfilled you might say.

What you will find is a blend of crafts, from the traditional trade to modern convenience type products with a touch of Asian inspired butchery given 20 years spent in South East Asia.

‘TAB’, is a journey back where butchers would source their own product, having relationships with the producer, knowing the produce and passing that assurance on to you, the customer.

Unfortunately, we (the team) are not the big hefty jowly characters of years past, when a visit to the local butcher was greeted by a big burly figure larger than life who’d offer the kids a cherrio or some lollies while mum did her shopping, we’re somewhat slimmer, the new breed.

If you remember the big burly character and the advice he would provide applying meat cuts to cooking method and vice versa regardless of it being, beef, chicken, lamb, pork, veal or game, then you’ve found your mum’s butcher.

So, with this introduction now done, We ‘the accidental butchers’ look forward to making your acquaintance which we believe will soon become a lot more than that, pleasurable friendship is how we see it.

Till next time and as my mates would say, speak to:

Steve the Butcher