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For the discerning, it's a matter of choice. Our choice of product is two succulent beasts, one being an Angus Cross from pristine natural pastures of the Cape Grim region in North West Tasmania, and the other being Full Blood Wagyu from Robbin Island, off the NW coast of Tasmania, both are of similar age, grown to maturity of 42 months +/-, fed naturally on soft tender pastures swept by the sea winds coming from the southern ocean and further afield, Antarctica. This is beef at its natural best, pasture fed, naturally grown and full of flavour. HGP (hormonal growth promotants) free, there banned!


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Cooking Disclaimer
Results may vary when cooking frozen product due to the nature of the freezing process and how the product is defrosted. The information above is based on chilled (or fresh) product adhering to correct handling and hygiene care.