Our Tips section provides you with new tips and hints on how to transport fresh meat, storage at home, applicable preparation and cooking methods to ensure maximum flavor and enjoyment.

Tip 1 - Storage at Home

Remove meat from bag, wrap meat in kitchen paper, place meat on a place, wrap with cling film and store in the coldest part of the refrigerator.

Tip 2 – Testing your Steak

To test if your steak is done, press the centre with the back of the tongs. The steak will feel soft if it's rare, slightly firmer and springy when it's medium and very firm when it's well-done.

Tip 3 -Seasoning Meat

Seasonings should compliment meat, not over power the natural flavours. Good sea salt and cracked pepper generally bring out the best natural flavours.

Tip 4 - Transportation

Meat is temperature sensitive, we advise the use of cooler bags to maintain the best quality possible particularly in a tropical climate such as South East Asia.

Tip 5 - Braising Meat

Low and slow for the best results.